Artist Spotlight – Cadillac Tramps

Cadillac Tramps

Band Spotlight… Cadillac Tramps…. From Orange County, California, USA, hardcore punk unit Cadillac Tramps did not take too kindly to their press tag of ‘bar-drunk brawly blues band’, claiming that they offered a much more sophisticated sound – yet that description was close enough to reality to warrant repetition. Formed…

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Artist Spotlight – Largemouth Bastards

Largemouth Bastards

Featured Band…. Largemouth Bastards… Many have had the pleasure of watching them live for the past 4 years and it definitely leaves …you wanting more. The years of playing run down seedy bars, filled with smoke and booze, have finally brought the bastards to a climax. The shanty watering holes…

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Artist Spotlight – Lonely Stars

Lonely Stars

Featured Band… The Lonely Stars… The Lonely Stars are an original rock n roll band from Southern California. Mixing traditional country, rockabilly, new wave & punk rock to create a unique style they call Neo-Psychobilly. Music equally suited for a drive down PCH or a drive up the 101. The…

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Artist Spotlight – Nekromantix


Artist Spotlight…. Nekromantix…. The story of the Nekromantix began back in 1989; the band was founded by Kim Nekroman, who just had left the Royal Danish Navy after having lost 8 years of his life in a submarine. After two local danish shows, the band appeared on a big festival…

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Artist Spotlight – Outlaw Daddies

Outlaw Daddies

Artist Spotlight…. Outlaw Daddies… The Outlaw Daddies are a high energy Rockabilly trio out of Montclair,CA. Their music can be best described as a mix of traditional, neo and outlaw country style rockabilly. The group was formed by upright bassist and lead vocals Gil “Pops” Tay. Whom was upright bassist…

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Artist Spotlight – Rodeo Riot

Rodeo Riot

Artist Spotlight…. Rodeo Riot…. Southern California’s own Rodeo Riot establishes an all out blistering attack on the senses while taking the psycho rock genre to a more distinguished sound from the rest of the pack. Influences range from punk, oi, psychobilly, country and everything in between. Although newly formed, members…

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Artist Spotlight – The Cornfed Project

Cornfed Project

Artist Spotlight…. The Cornfed Project…. Jimmy Carter was on the television, sweating and stammering, trying to explain the gas crisis and skyrocketing inflation. Out behind the barn, 14-year-old Cornfed (Matt Wheeler) was busy building a drum kit out of corncobs, hog bones, and old whiskey barrels. Skynyrd blared from the…

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Artist Spotlight – Mink Daggers

Mink Daggers

Artist Spotlight…. Mink Daggers: Patrick Dean ’McQueen’ (Throw Rag) Vocals/Guitar Mitchell Cartwright (Humpers) Vocals/Bass Ho (Doom Kounty Electric Chair) Vocals/guitar Jorge E. Disguster (Disguster/ Mr. Mirainga) Vocals/Drums Mink Daggers are a four-piece punk rock and roll band, hailing from Long Beach, Ca. Their Port city sound has been described as…

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Artist Spotlight – Throw Rag

Throw Rag

Artist Spotlight… Throw Rag…… Throw Rag is more than just a rock n roll band. Throw Rag are rock n roll! But let’s be lear about something here; rock n roll, although essentially a thing of great beauty, is on the whole, rather smelly, sweaty, dirty and will leave you…

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Artist Spotlight – Seven Dirty Words

Seven Dirty Words

Artist Spotlight… Seven Dirty Words… In early 2007, a purebred rock n roll group emerged in Southern California to conquer the music scene with intense lyrics and larger than life sound. The earliest band members, Brian (lead vox/bass) and Nate (drums), unenthused with the yawn in the world of so…

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