Artist Spotlight – Tiki Bandits

Artist Spotlight… Tiki Bandits… Hailing from the frothy surf of Mohave Beach, Arizona, Tiki Bandits first unleashed their punishing brand of aggressive oldies a couple of endless summers ago. Frank Voodoo, of Glow Skulls fame, is your MC, tour guide, and crooner-in-chief. The lovely Triple B – Beach Bunny Becca, formerly of Arizona’s Safewerd, wields guitar stage left, singing tunes guaranteed to make the cholos cry. On the thumping purple bass, hailing from the sands of a beach in another galaxy far, far away, is the thunderous Aaron McCart, whose groove hangs ten and shoots the curl like Surfer Joe wishes he could. Cuca Escobar, a veteran of Vegas Beach rockers The Broads kicks, punches and spits out the backbeat. Whether it be Huntington Beach, Tijuana, Albuquerque or Dallas – SURF’S UP when Tiki Bandits hit the stage, and you know everyone’s gonna get . . . lei’d.

We are very excited to have them perform live on Aug 13th at The So-Cal Hoedown in Downtown Santa Ana. Presale tickets are available

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