Artist Spotlight – Mink Daggers

Artist Spotlight…. Mink Daggers:

Patrick Dean ’McQueen’ (Throw Rag) Vocals/Guitar
Mitchell Cartwright (Humpers) Vocals/Bass
Ho (Doom Kounty Electric Chair) Vocals/guitar
Jorge E. Disguster (Disguster/ Mr. Mirainga) Vocals/Drums

Mink Daggers are a four-piece punk rock and roll band, hailing from Long Beach, Ca. Their Port city sound has been described as a mash up of the Hellacopters, The Damned and Generation X with a side of the Clash and MC5.

Fun fact: Some years ago, Throw Rag was beginning a tour with Queens of the Stone Age in Detroit. QOTSA’s was playing their last show with Nine Inch Nails and Throw rag was playing that same night, across town. After the show, both bands were all going meet up, at an after hours club, to kick off the tour. Little did McQueen know that he would meet a “Divine” impersonator that night, which would inspire the bands name. She was “Mink Dagger”…

“Before you start to rattle off a list of potential influences that have informed the Mink Daggers ballsy punk pedigree, you should probably know that those influences probably involve bands they’ve already been in. This low key, all-star punk outfit includes members of Throw Rag, The Humpers, Disguster, The Hitchhikers and Doom Kounty Electric Chair. Tracks like “Take a Spill” take a shit-kicking stance on the sound that made OC famous, a jet-propelled style of punk replete with uber melodic guitar solos that combine the best of Dick Dale, Chuck Berry, and Satan. If you like old school OC punk, get to know these guys.” Vice Magazine

Their sound is a sweat soaked barrage and unconventional in that they all switch back and forth on lead vocals, song to song, creating a unique visual of call and response, unlike a traditional front man. Think of them as a hi-energy, punk version of the Beatles.
Their self-titled EP released late 2015, was recently featured on “The Paranoid Squirrel Radio Show”(U.K.), along side The Damned, Ramones, and D Generation and Boston’s “Sleazegrinder Supershow”. Their song “Messing up Monday”, will be released later this month as single on 7” collectors vinyl. With a new record in the works, the Daggers look forward to a busy and productive 2016.

We are very happy to have them perform live on Aug 13th at The So-Cal Hoedown in Downtown Santa Ana.

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